Dr. Darnell Leach is the Senior Pastor of the Shiloh Abundant Life Center, Forestville, Maryland.  He is the founding pastor of this community of believers, where has served since 1979.

He shares the oversight of Shiloh with his wife and partner in ministry, Dr. Anita Leach, who is a licensed professional counselor, bible teacher, and an anointed preacher of the Word of God.

Dr. Leach is affiliated with the International Bible Way Churches of Jesus Christ, under the leadership of Apostle Cornelius Showell.  He presently serves as a member of the Executive Board of Bishops, Chairperson for the Ordination Board, and Diocesean of the Jamiaica, WI. Diocese.

He is a spiritul father to many sons and daughters.

He also serves as the Bishop for the New Beginnings Fellowship, which is an association of indendent churches who submit to his covering and oversight.

Bishop Leach is the author of three books.  Deep Call To Deep; Winning the Battle Over Self; and his latest released book, 8 Things Every Leader Must Know-Do.  He has also developed several training manuals for leaders.